Reflections on the Bayou

When I first wake up in the morning after a really good restful sleep my mind thinks of all the possibilities that a drive around this parish brings me.  I think of all the early morning sunrise shadows that play on the levee  or the orange glow that lights up cypress trees along the Bayou Teche. This morning as I drove down Highway 31 I realized that the beautiful white frost had come to visit the bayous.  The cold temps even had the bayou giving off a foggy mist, a beautiful sight to some one who  really loves the changing season.   As I drove over the by pass to the sugar mill I notice the clouds reflection on the bayou. I drove on down to the sugar mill café for a cup of coffee and then turned around and headed back to the bridge. I actually parked on the wrong side of the road to get this shot. As a few cane truck drivers passed me by they just shook their head at my brave attempt not to comply with the law. I guess I like this shot because it appears spooky to me.