Old Camp Shell

This old shell of a building has so many stories to tell I'm sure.  Yesterday as I drove around the parish I came upon an old friends camp that burnt down several years ago.  In fact I spent one really great New Years Eve party enjoying a bonfire here.  It was just something about the way the morning light lit up the scene that made me think of that night. My friend has had her own fires to put out in the years that have passed since that party. To tell you the truth I guess we all have. But that's what strong Cajun women do we handle the situations and move on.

Today my travels took me past the sugar mill then on to the levee road towards Henderson.  At lunch time we stopped for a bowl of seafood gumbo at a little place called Chicken on the Bayou. It sits right off of the I-10 Henderson exit. Today it was filled with tourist coming in to sample the Cajun specialties. Friends told me about the Chicken and Andouille gumbo here but I went all in for the seafood gumbo.  The aroma of seafood just filled the small country store and it was instantly my choice.  The menu their just really amazed me. From boudin, to crawfish etouffee, to fried catfish and gumbo, they had every dish you always read about in the foodie magazines. All the Cajun classics in this little country store. Amazing some would say but not really, most of the small places are like little hidden gems. Its an adventure to locate some of these.

 We then headed back down the levee to the Bayou Benoit boat landing to see just how high the water in the Atchafalaya basin had risen to.  As we topped the levee I found the landing filled with parked trucks and empty boat trailers. It being the start of duck season the hunters are a force to be reckoned with today. Tonight their will be so many stories told around the dinner table and  I would just bet this Thanksgiving quite a few duck gumbos will be on the menu.         


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