Monday, August 27, 2012

Wind on the Water

Waiting on Hurricane Issac to blow in tomorrow.
I've been running around getting the command center set up with supplies so the emergency management team can monitor this sneaky storm coming up the Mississippi towards New Orleans. They say St. Martin Parish is on the good side of this storm. Thats when the storm is blowing in from the right, but high winds and rain makes for a miserable couple of day when it's tied up to a hurricane.  No matter which direction she is blowing in from. This picture was taken a couple of winters ago but it made me think of birds just waiting for his storm to blow over.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Waiting on Fall

You can tell by the rust color on the cypress leaves peaking out behind the spanish moss it won' be long till a cool front blows through the swamps. After this long hot summer it will be a welcome change to the weather.    For the past two days rain has been falling over Lake Martin. Rain and humidity are what its all about in this subtropical part of Louisiana. Yesterday morning I traveled to Lake Martin between the burst of rain and I was able to get this photo of the great heron. It such a magical place.

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