Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blue Boy

The beautiful rookery at Lake Martin is a wonderful place to visit.  It's location is only about six miles from my home and actually my daily travels to and from work takes me right pass the entrance to Rookery road.  The lake is full of colorful Herons like this one and soon the pink Spoonbills will arrive and start making their nest. It's a color fest for the eyes.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Green

Headed out this morining for a drive down to the levee just to see the green grass covering it. Spring arrived with a bit of a chill in the air today. As we drove past St. John Refinery I noticed the cane trailers all parked neatly in rows ready for next years harvest. The old barns are so colorful with their weather worn tin roofs. We then decided to head down to Mc Gees landing to get a look at the Atchafalaya and then on to Whiskey River. This afternoon Geno Delafose will be rocking the piers off this old honkey tonk.

As we drove into Henderson I noticed all of the fisherman pulling into T-Sues bakery. I figured they were stocking up on sweets before heading out for a day of fishing on Henderson Lake. Of course, it's right next door to Amy's store where you can fill up your ice chest with cold beer. So its anybody's guess on what they were actually pulling in for. But I'd bet my last dime its for a cold beer and a link of hot boudin.

Next we decided to drive out to Lake Martin to check out the grey herons and as I turned on to Rookery Road we noticed a group from Pack and Paddle getting ready to set out on the Lake.

It should have been me. Next time I'll plan better.

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