Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Evangeline's Oak

On the banks of the Teche, are the towns of St. Maur and St. Martin.There the long-wandering bride shall be given again to her bridegroom,There the long-absent pastor regain his flock and his sheepfold.Beautiful is the land, with its prairies and forests of fruit-trees;Under the feet a garden of flowers, and the bluest of heavensBending above, and resting its dome on the walls of the forest.They who dwell there have named it the Eden of Louisiana." ..... Longfellow.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gold and Silver Canopy

Two women walked down this impressive pine and oak avenue in the 1800’s. One was called Amilie, the other Alida. Both were married to Charles Durand during his life time and both bore him 12 children. The avenue was made famous by an elegant wedding held underneath the silver and gold dust sprayed cobweb canopy. They say it glittered in the sunlight like something from a fairy tale. It always gives me a melancholy feeling when I visit.

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