Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost in the 60's

I'm in the planning stages of my 60th birthday celebration in the Colorado Rockies this summer. The Mountain Magnolia is planning to take me up to a cabin near a town called Marble. It's location is in the valley of the upper Crystal River along the Elk Mountains. Silly me, my plans consisted of me sitting along a babbling brook and maybe throwing in a line or two to attempting to watch the river trout tease me. But as I was informed from the many conversations we have had concerning this big celebration day I will be floating down the Roaring Fork river in a dingy with my godchild while holding on for dear life I'm sure. If you can't take some risk at 60 when can you. Although, I might have to join a gym just to be able to get in the boat. Or another option might be to get a little encouragement from the magazine Living the active life OUTDOORS. Great read. It's one of those magazines I read when you've always been the fat kid/fat grown up. Especially if you're contemplating the next chapter of your life.

The opening page advertised Flat Tire beer and a 1950 retro bike. Something about it just didn't seem right. Not being a beer drinker, more of a bourbon sipper my self, I just turned the page. Next I found something I could relate to, a story of the Old Women of the Sea. A group of grandmothers who as the article stated, for them diving is life. They harvest their food from the sea. I do love the sea, but it's only been from the comfort of a beach chair.
Next they advertised an adventure watch. I liked the sound of that and the big selling point for me was the large digital numbers on it. Heaven forbid if I lose my glasses at least I can see how long it takes them to get to me. If I've loaded the satellite app right. And can you just imagine having all your guide book on your smart phone. Amazing.

So here and now I start my adventure. I commit to a dream of one kick ass celebration. I purchase an I phone 4 and I can tell you that was a learning curve for me. Now I just need to figure out how to load and use the Spot app in case someone needs to be able to locate me when I'm off the grid floating down the Crystal River.. That satellite thing sounds fool proof to me but you never know.. Footwear is another big issue I wondered about. Style really never entered my mind. Comfort yes, and with a name like Swamp Monsters they should do perfectly. An article described a foot care system of petroleum jelly in the morning and medicated talc at nite. It sounds like a good system although sitting around the campfire in Crocs should do little damage to my feet. But if we decide to do a little stroll I'll be ready.

So lets see what the essential list will include Apple IPod, sport watch, cell phone, swamp monster boots, camera, a face book connection,and a good bit of laughter.

Should be a cake walk......right?

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