Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cemetery Highway

It was pitch black as I drove down Cemetery highway towards the situation. As I came around the curve I spotted the emergency lights bouncing off of the sugar cane. Its always an eire feeling to drive up on a area that's been roped off. Let me explain, I take care of a group of deputies that work for the sheriff's office. I provide food and water at the site when these men and women are called on to assist the public with whatever their needs are at the time. Tonite it was a man barricaded in a home.
I parked along the road and set up the sandwiches on the bed of my unit and just as I finished setting up I received a call from the Captain. Mrs. Roxie, We got him. It's over.
As I watched the men and women walk past me towards the meeting place for the hot wash (discussion) I could tell everyone was happy with the end of this situation. No one hurt and the problem taken care of. Slowly they came to me and thankfully took a cold sandwich and a bag of chips. I quietly listened to their conversations as they spoke about heading out on vacation trips or getting home to their families tonite. As I passed out more sandwiches one young deputy asked, Mrs. Roxie can I have two sandwiches cause my wife's not cooking tonite. I laughed to myself and handed out all he could hold.
I love my work and I'm proud of these men and women who have this great need to help people. As the cool night air settled in around me I wished I could have served a hot gumbo to these deputies. They so deserved it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fresh Eggs and Goat's Milk

Today rain and wind are blowing through the swamp. Humidity around a 100 percent. A good day for all basin critters. Frogs singing, crickets drumming, bass feeding, and coon's wrapped up in a tight ball waiting on the sun to come out again.

The sounds of an early morning rain on a tin roof is like my own personal gift. As I reach for the bed covers I try to visualize the basin coming alive with every drop of water. Don't get me wrong, I realize that I do this from the comfort of my warm bed and I'm sure a few fisherman, who are making their living out on the Atchafalaya, are not so happy about this wet morning. But this liquid stuff nourishes the swamp and my soul and I'm taking full advantage it.

The freedom animals have in nature often makes me wonder how well farm animals adjust to barbed wire fences and forced habitat in bad weather.

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