Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy River

We headed out to Bayou Portage to check on the house boat and picked up a few supplies along the way. One fifth of Makers Mark for a litlle soul tempting and a box of worms for my old cane pole.  The camp needs so much work before its really usable but the porch gave us a nice haven to watch the muddy bayou flow on down to Lake Dautrieve.  I'm really ready for the spring days to stick around.  

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Driving down Bayou Lafourch

I watched the sun come up over St. Mary Parish as I drove down I - 49 headed towards Cut Off.  K-bon  cajun radio played all my favorites starting with Jerry Lee Lewis and filled in with Bozoo Chavez, Roy Oberson, and Fats Domino.  As I drove I wondered if the butterfly shrimp boats would be trolling down Bayou LaFourche.  It's such a beautiful site watching the boat cut throught the coffee colored water. It makes me think of my first cup of coffee this morining.  The artist in me  noticed how the marsh grasses give off a golden glow in the morining light and the colorful boats parked along the bayou come in every shape, size and color. I think my favorites are the oyster boats. Their odd shapes are built for exactly what they are suppose to do transport raked oyster from the gulf and get them ready for half shell orders in the oyster bars of New Orleans.  My exit is Hwy. 1 and it takes me down to Golden Meadows and travels on to the Grand Island.  I keep hearing how the island is about to fall into the gulf but I find it still holding on.  Highway 1 is the main line  for all of the oil company trucks delivering supplies to the boats that go out to the oil rigs.  Its such a pity I get so motion sick because I would love to take a ride out into that green gulf water. 
With my visit to the old man over with and the memory of the old folks home making me feel sad I headed back up Hwy. 1. I'm still hoping to see at least one shrimp boat trolling but if not I'll settle on shrimp creole for  supper.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Learning to Talk

Learning to talk for a two year old is such a powerful thing.  She has all of us hanging on to every word she babbles.  So the fact that we don't understand her secret language and because it's been so many year since any of us have spoken the powerful babble we will have to be patient till she can re-teach us.
Lesson one - No!  It can mean so many things and it gives her total power over us.  She's a sweet heart and the love of her daddy's life.

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