Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Feel A Party Coming On

Lyrics to Angel from Montgomery keeps playing in my head.  A friend told me once I have a tendence to (what she called) cave. My justification is that everone should have a place that you can just kind of disappear into. Right?  My cave is a small room where I stitch tiny art quilts and listen to the music that tells me its okay to just be. Its still a work in progress. Today after using every curse word I know I finally figured out that the sewing machine has a self threading feature. Next time I'll read the directions before my glass gets half full.  The funny thing is that every time I get in this zone I feel a party coming on.  Sam Cook does it to me every time.  I can imagine a tall cool glass of burbon sitting next to the i pod helping me and Anthony Hamilton  ask whats going on. One of my (In the Hood) influences from work. There are a wealth of stories there, anyway back to the cave.  Right now I'm working on a scene from a picture I took in the Atchafalaya basin near Bayou Benoit cove. When it is finished it will be made into a pillow for my godchild and shipped off to Colorado.  Its funny how you can be a thousand mile from the swamp and it still has a hold on you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Louisiana Sneaux

My ride to work was like viewing a scene from some northern town except you knew your were in Louisiana by the snow covered Cypress limbs. It was a beautiful sight. I could have just stopped my car and ran around enjoying the snow flurries. My ride to work takes me down Hwy. 31 which I've nicknamed sugar cane highway. It winds along Bayou Teche passing throught the town of St. Martinville then passing by St. John Sugar Mill. As I drove past the Lake Martin rookery the snow flakes became so thick it actually looked like a little might cover the ground.

Louisiana snow can you just imagine that.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rain on a Tin Roof

The wind blew through the Cypress trees last nite and I bet even the Cocodrie's were wishing for a warm spring.  This cold weather has the crawfish sunk so deep in the pond it will take a warm wind coming from Marsh Island to make a difference.  Last nite's low was only 35 the weather man said, not really cold enough to snow down here in the swamp but I bet you can find ice on the ponds this morining.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Perfect Picture

Today was Papa Gustaves 86 birthday celebration and this picture really touched my heart. His special name for her when she was growing up was my little turtle.  You can see her love for him in her eyes.  She's a loving grand daughter and a good friend.  I'm greatful to have her in our lives.  

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